We would like to recruit a ‘champion’ in each parish and in each local organisation -  someone to keep us informed of future cultural events, conservation activities and learning opportunities, as well as any updates that may be needed to parish introductions. In addition, the champion would ensure that their parishioners or members were aware of the Society and check that local outlets don’t run out of our leaflets. If this role could be of interest to you, please contact the Secretary, Ken McDonald, on 01279 813226 or hundredparishes@btinternet.com.

The scope and scale of the Society’s operations will largely depend on the number and enthusiasm of members who offer to become actively involved. All activities will be consistent with the Society’s charitable objects and will be guided by the Board.

The Secretary would be pleased to hear from anyone who might be interested in contributing in any way. Possible roles include: administering membership applications; updating individual parish introductions; designing walks or cycle routes; leading walks; maintaining elements of this website; communication and publicity.

The Society has adopted a number of policies to ensure its operations are fair and reasonable.  Those which have relevance for volunteering cover volunteering generally, equal opportunities, fit and proper persons and data protection.

Since its formation, the Society has been run entirely by enthusiastic, unpaid volunteers.  As the Society’s membership and activities expand, it may be necessary to pay for some support staff or services, but for now we hope to operate on a limited budget through the goodwill of a growing number of volunteers.

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